Inscriptions on ribbons

Dual ribbon with inscription is included with all funeral arrangements.

A traditional ribbon is white, with black letters and golden stripes along the long edges. You can get a different ribbon if you wish.

Usually the name of the deceased is placed on one side and the greeting on the other side.

Here are a few ideas of farewell-greetings - and then you can add from whom the greeting is:

Love- and miss you greeting

With Love

Blessed is your memory

God bless your memory

God bless you and protect you

God give you light and peace

God keep you

God be with you

Have thanks for everything and all

The last goodbye

One last goodbye and a heartful thanks

Final greetings

Each memory is a precious pearl

Rest in peace

Rest in God's peace

With respect and gratitude


A dear greeting


Live in the light

A sweet memory lives

A lot is to remember, a lot is to miss

With loving thanks

With affection and gratitude

With greetings and a heartful thanks

With greetings and appreciation

With a warm greeting

With thanks and respect

The memory of you is a light in our lives

Your memory lives

Sleep tight

Thanks for everything dear ...............

We love you

A friendly greeting

Your memory lives

Thank you sweet encounters